Exclusive decorative pillows and pillowcases Sweet Pastels

Beautiful decorative pillows act as jewelry that complements the arrangement of the living room, bedroom or guest room. They allow you to introduce patterns and colors into the interior, thanks to which the décor takes on character. When reaching for elegant decorative pillows, it is worth remembering, however, that not only the color of the fabric from which they are sewn is of great importance, but also its quality and texture. For this reason, in the assortment of our store you will find exclusive decorative cushions made of velour and satin, available in many colors and patterns to choose from. We can offer you original hand-sewn pillows in the hampton style, patterned or with floral motifs. You can also easily combine them with other textiles from our collections - with blankets, table decorations or poufs.

Why is it worth choosing exclusive decorative pillows?

An interior devoid of decoration is empty, impersonal, devoid of character. With the help of accessories, especially textile accessories, you can warm it up, give it a specific style and make it more elegant, even sophisticated. If you want to refresh your arrangements or make them chic, bet on exclusive pillows, in various shapes, colors and patterns to choose from. A decorative pillow is both a practical and decorative element of the décor. It allows you to easily add a color arrangement. However, it still needs to be matched to the décor. It is also worth paying attention to its quality of workmanship. If you want elegant decorative pillowcases to look flawless not only for the first few weeks after purchase, bet on a product made of high-quality material, created with attention to every detail. Our exclusive pillowcases are not from a mass collection. Most of the models available in the store are sewn to order. So you can be sure that you won't see them in your friends' or family's apartments.

How to choose fashionable pillows for the living room?

The living room is the room where luxurious decorative pillows play the most important role. After all, it is a representative interior, used to receive guests. The best choice for such an arrangement will be exclusive decorative pillows, tailored to a given interior style. If your living room is decorated in a modern style, you can choose exclusive Hampton or glamour style pillows without any worries. Thanks to them, the arrangement will look almost luxurious. On the other hand, for a living room in boho, shabby chic or urban jungle style, you can match timeless pillows with a floral motif, which introduces an element of romantic nature to the arrangement. Also remember that the living room should be cozy so that your guests, but also household members, feel good in it. Living room pillows must therefore be neat and pleasant to the touch. This is one of the reasons why our original decorative pillows are sewn mainly from velour fabric. Its characteristic, slightly shiny fluff makes the pillowcase extremely soft and smooth, and additionally shimmers beautifully in various lighting.

Original decorative pillows in various shapes to choose from

Our decorative pillow store can offer you both a wide selection of high-quality pillowcases and an interesting selection of fillings in various shapes to choose from. We have not only classic square-shaped pillows, but also rollers, rectangular headrests or round pillows. Among our assortment, however, the most outstanding are pillows for children, resembling a horse or a kitten in their shape. When choosing original pillowcases, remember about their shape as well. If you are afraid of expressive patterns or colors, go for an original form, and it will certainly make your arrangement come alive and gain character.

How to choose patterns and colors of decorative pillows?

Certainly, you can choose pillows for a private bedroom more freely than fashionable couch pillows for the living room. In the first case, you can allow yourself a bit of madness, suggesting primarily your own expectations and personal sense of style. In the second case, it is worth following the basic rules of color selection and pattern balance. If you're looking for a proven way to create a decoration with pillows in the main role, combine plain and decorative pillowcases in the same color. You can also combine fashionable decorative pillows in pastel shades that complement each other beautifully. Our online pillow store will also provide you with pillowcases in expressive colors, with additional accents in the form of sophisticated buttons or tassels. You can reach for such models if you are not afraid of bold combinations and know how to incorporate them into your interiors.

Which pillow store to choose?

Not every pillow store is able to guarantee you quality and originality. Although you can find decorative pillowcases in many well-known stores, you need to know that they will not be products refined in every detail. Our textiles are made of fabrics from Polish manufacturers. Thanks to this, we can guarantee you that fashionable pillowcases will not only be visually appealing, but also durable, resistant to wear, fading or wiping. What's more, all the models of pillows that you will find in our offer are exclusive products, not from mass production. Other pillow stores release hundreds, if not thousands, of identical products. On the other hand, our pillowcase store was created out of passion for beauty and originality, so there is no place for template designs.