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A dining table - whether it's in a spacious dining room or a small dining nook in the living room - is the heart of any home. After all, it is at the table that important celebrations, holidays and anniversaries are celebrated, as well as meals are eaten with the family. Each table should contain not only cutlery and dishes, but also beautiful dining textiles that will emphasize the atmosphere of the arrangement, and at the same time will also play a functional role - tablecloths and table runners protect the tabletop, and napkins help to keep it clean. But how do you choose table decorations that match your interior design?


Table setting - how to choose decorations?


Table decorations should be matched not only to the occasion, but also to the interior design and size of the table - the smaller the surface of the table top, the fewer additional elements should be on it so that you can eat meals freely. However, dining textiles are a specific form of decoration - they also play a functional role, so their presence on the table is mandatory, especially during important celebrations.  In order for the table runner and dining napkins to last as long as possible, it is worth choosing universal models that, despite décor changes and renovations, will still remain matched to the rest of the arrangement. Textiles in elegant colours of classic white or warm ecru, which can be decorated with timeless floral motifs or geometric patterns, will work well. With the help of textiles, you can also introduce colour accents into the four walls of your dining room.


Tread - solo or duo?


The table runner is an extremely versatile table decoration - it is also a beautiful decoration of the dining room, and also protects the tabletop from scratches, high temperatures of dishes, stains. Dining table runners can be combined with tablecloths or used on their own. The second option emphasizes the modern and minimalist character of the arrangement, and at the same time exposes the beauty of the countertop itself - especially if it is wooden or whitewashed. Table runners are table decorations that can have strong patterns and colors, as they are usually combined either with classic tablecloths (which create a kind of background for the table runner) or with the tabletop itself. It is worth remembering that the table runner has a smaller surface than the tablecloth, so it will not protect the tabletop as effectively on its own as it does in a set with a classic tablecloth. However, for lovers of minimalist solutions, the tread is the perfect solution!


Decorative napkins in elegant updos


Decorative napkins are another must-have table decoration. Their main task is to protect clothes from food chips and stubborn stains, and they can also be used to discreetly wipe your fingers or the corner of your mouth. Decorative napkins can be placed on the table in special hoops or folded into various forms, which will also emphasize their decorative character and the creativity of the host - these can be stars, butterflies, cutlery sachets. It's a good idea if all dining textiles are kept in the same colour - this helps to achieve a sense of harmony and order on the table. If you want to use napkins decorated with a pattern, be sure to match it with table runners with the same motif or with monochromatic textiles, which will create a beautiful, minimalist background. If your dining room is kept in muted shades, decorative textiles will also help you introduce fashionable color accents of the season - along with changing trends, you can also change the model of napkins.


Table decorations for every occasion


Among our table decorations, you will find textiles that are beautiful and practical at the same time, which will be a charming base for elegant tableware, as well as seasonal decorations - bouquets of flowers, wreaths and candlesticks. Our online store offers models with universal floral prints, which will fit not only spring table arrangements, but will certainly emphasize the innocent charm of this time of year. Floral motifs will look beautiful in shabby chic stylizations, and due to the chic colors, also in glamour dining rooms. However, if you want to add a touch of feminine charm to your dining table arrangement, table runners and napkins with floral patterns are the perfect choice for any occasion!


Dining textiles - beautiful and practical


In addition to table runners and decorative napkins, among our table decorations you will also find tea towels, which can be useful both in the dining room (as a hot dish holder) or in the kitchen of every cooking lover. Not only will they help you clean your worktop of stains and moisture, but they will also bring colour to the four walls of your kitchen. They will blend in beautifully with rooms kept in subdued colors, such as white and ecru. Although napkins are mainly used for practical purposes, arranged in beautiful forms, they can also be a functional table decoration, which will work especially well on important occasions and emphasize the elegant arrangement of the dining room. Their retro charm will fit not only into vintage-style rooms, but also into modern spaces, as the minimalist décor will contrast.


Table decorations that protect the tabletop


Table runners, decorative napkins and tea towels are practical table decorations that not only help you stay tidy and get rid of stubborn stains, but also protect your worktop from scratches and dish marks. They will also work well not as a table decoration, as they will delight guests with vivid colors and floral patterns that have not gone out of fashion for years. They are most delightful in a set - not only because of their harmonious aesthetics and sense of order, but also because they can be used both in the kitchen and dining room. All of them are made of velour fabric, which is resistant to abrasion and abrasion, and delights with its soft and pleasant texture resembling peach skin. It is also easy to wash off stains, and thanks to their delicate structure, they dry quickly and absorb moisture well - which is especially useful for kitchen experiments.


Table decorations - how to use them properly?


It seems that setting the table is not a philosophy. However... In order for the dining room arrangement to impress with both well-thought-out aesthetics and great functionality, you need the right table decorations and a bit of creativity! It is worth considering what colors will match the current décor of the room. Our blue table runners and napkins are kept in a Greek combination of white and a vibrant shade of blue, thanks to which they will look beautiful with both classic white and delicate pastels. It's a good idea to start setting the table with a tablecloth, which should be a background for a decorative table runner. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, go for the tread itself. It is to match their colors with tableware, as well as additional table decorations, such as flowers in a vase and decorative figurines. Napkins should appear next to every place setting, you can place them both on the plate and under the cutlery. On the other hand, tea towels are always worth having at the ready - not only do they look beautiful, but they can also save the tablecloth or worktop from stains that are difficult to wash.


Not only pastel - Sweet Pastel dining room decorations


Our textile table decorations combine timeless beauty and exceptional functionality, which is why they are perfect for any dining room. They are made of soft and pleasant to the touch velour fabric, which is resistant to abrasion, abrasion and easy to clean from stains - just wash them on a delicate program at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. What's more, in our online store you will also find textiles for the living room and bedroom, decorative pillows, kept in the same colors and decorated with a corresponding print. Thanks to this, you can harmoniously combine all the interiors in your home and introduce elegant color accents as well as fashionable botanical motifs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer and decorate your table with our dining room decorations.


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