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Decorative pillows are one of the extremely important elements of arranging a bedroom, living room, and even a terrace and balcony - they not only introduce colors, but also emphasize the cozy character of any interior. What's more, decorative pillows are one of the expressive color elements, so only a small change of pillowcases can change the arrangement and transform boho interiors into hamptons or Scandi glam. No unnecessary renovations and great costs! Patterned pillows are functional decorations that everyone would like to have in their four walls - but not everyone knows how to combine them creatively and skillfully so as not to cause a sense of chaos. Here are some tips on how to choose them wisely!


Decorative pillows - prints and patterns


Decorative pillows can delight with strong colors, discreet elegance (especially those in shades of white and gray, as well as pastel models) or interesting patterns... and sometimes all at once! Patterned pillows work especially well in interiors where the arrangement is quite minimalist, subdued colors reign on the walls and upholstery of the furniture, and you want a bit of color and patterns - not necessarily in the form of graphics or patterned wallpapers. Patterned pillowcases can also accurately emphasize the main features of an arrangement in a given style - e.g. in glamour interiors, pillowcases imitating the texture of marble or stones will work, because raw materials are associated with elegance and class. Boho interiors, on the other hand, often feature the motif of Moroccan clover, whose geometric edges are associated with ethnic decorations. Decorative pillowcases can emphasize the coherence of the décor or completely ruin it, creating the impression of chaos and mess - that's why it's worth choosing them wisely and skilfully combining them into larger compositions!


Patterned pillows - art deco motifs


The art deco style was born in the 20s of the twentieth century and has survived to this day in its original form. It is based on the high quality of the furniture and decorations used, which delight not only with their classic form, but also with the highest quality materials - there are fabrics embroidered with gold thread, marble elements and royal colors. What distinguishes it from the glamour style is that it draws more from the vintage style than from the modern style, creating spaces that are elegant and classic at the same time. In the art deco style, there are geometric decorations, which can be woven in the form of wallpapers, graphics and... decorative pillowcases with patterns. The most common motif in art deco are overlapping fans, slightly reminiscent of ginkgo leaves. Openwork diamonds and leaf motifs will also work - everything that is symmetrical, small and even. In our store you will find models such as Art Deco and Modern Blue, which will match this style not only with a geometric print, but also with colors - elegant navy blue is combined with gold stitching.


Patterned pillows - glamour style patterns


The glamour style appeared in salons a decade later than art deco, in the golden age of Hollywood. From its predecessor it drew elegance and love for decorative elements, but from the beginning it was dominated by greater splendor. Silver and gold elements are the absolute basis of glamour décor, marble and glass also appear in large quantities. The glamour style loves royal, strong shades such as navy blue, burgundy or bottle green, but every year it evolves more and more and combines with other interior design styles, which is why it leaves a lot of freedom in the choice of colors and accessories. Pillowcases with glamour patterns should emphasize the elegant dimension of the bedroom and living room, which is why they appear in huge numbers. It's a good idea to combine monochromatic models with fringes or strong textures with those decorated with prints. In glamour interiors, pillowcases similar to those in art deco will work, as well as pieces imitating precious stones and marble. In Sweet Pastels you will find them under the name Geody - you can choose from a variety of shades and colors to best match them to your home.


Pillows with boho patterns


Patterned pillows are also welcome in boho interiors - which generally love textiles and treat them as an essential addition to any room! Boho interiors, which originate from the French gypsy bohemia, are based on freedom, artistic disorder and connection with nature - that's why they feature earthy colors (beige, delicate greens and blues) and plenty of natural materials (linen, rattan, seagrass). Boho style textiles, on the other hand, are very expressive in texture and form - decorative elements are fringes, stitching and an expressive weave. Patterned pillowcases in boho interiors can therefore be distinguished either by additional decorative elements, such as fringes and braids, or by patterns, which often refer to other cultures and introduce ethnic elements. The motif of the Moroccan clover, often also called simply arabesque, as well as mandalas and patterns of Indian origin are popular. And you will find plenty of them here! For example, Arabesque, Braid or Morocco models.


How to combine patterned pillows with interior design?


Patterned pillowcases, like all decorative pillows, should be chosen appropriately not only to the existing colors, but also taking into account the effect we want to achieve. With a minimalist interior design, you can achieve several completely different effects just by using patterned pillowcases! For example, on a white sofa you can put a model with a Moroccan clover, a decorative blanket and a few beige models decorated with fringes to create a boho corner. You can also create a modern glamour composition with feminine charm on the same piece of furniture by combining pillowcases in a shade of powder pink with a patterned cushion imitating a marble surface. However, if your bedroom or living room is dominated by stronger colors than subdued grays, pastels or the classic duo of black and white, try to find pillowcases that will either match the shade of the existing color scheme or completely contrast it, creating an interesting impression of depth.


Colours, patterns, textures - how not to overdo it?


Decorative patterned pillowcases are a popular accessory that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, combining them into larger compositions can cause quite a problem! Mainly due to the fact that too many different patterns, additionally maintained in different colors, can create the impression of chaos and disorder. Therefore, it is worth combining patterned pillowcases with decorative pillows in uniform colors - e.g. combine a Moroccan clover pillowcase with a plain model that harmonizes with the color of the pattern. In a larger group of decorative pillows, it is worth sticking to the rule that says not to combine more than three colors. It's good if at least one of them is neutral (e.g. white, gray, beige). On the other hand, when choosing patterns, it is worth choosing one model with an interesting print that will stand out against the background of monochromatic base pillowcases. If decorative pillows are located in several places in the room, e.g. a sofa and an armchair, choose matching prints.


Play with velours!


Most of our pillows and pillowcases are made of soft and pleasant to the touch velour fabric. Its interesting texture not only adapts to the touch in a variety of ways, but also harmonizes beautifully with the light in the rooms, creating a variety of compositions. And it fits not only glamour interiors! Velour itself has decorative values, and in combination with saturated patterns it creates timeless decorations that will work well in any interior. In addition, velour fabric is resistant to stretching and pilling, so it will last for many seasons intact. It is also easy to wash off stains. In Sweet Pastels you will find both permanently sewn pillows and decorative pillowcases that can be easily removed from the insert and washed. On request, we can make additional pillowcases for selected pillow models.


Cushions for the living room, bedroom and terrace


Patterned pillows never get boring! They are a perfect complement to interiors where expressive wallpapers do not appear, because they are functional and decorative additions at the same time. They introduce colors, patterns, and an element of coziness. That's why you can use them practically everywhere - in the bedroom, living room, and even on the... terrace and balcony! They will be particularly useful there, as terrace and balcony furniture is usually characterized by a hard backrest and seat surface, on which additional cushions are applied - however, they are usually thin and do not provide adequate seating comfort. Decorative pillows come to the rescue, as they will both increase the softness of the furniture and emphasize the consistent character of the balcony and terrace arrangement - consistent on its own or with the rest of the home rooms.


Patterned pillows in Sweet Pastels


Patterned pillows are a category in which you can find models for any interior - glamour, art deco, Scandinavian spaces, and even shabby chic arrangements. Remember to combine them with single-color models, which you can also find in other categories - so we invite you to check out the full offer! Before you make your final choice, please contact us - we will help you choose the right filling for the pillows, and on special request, we will also prepare additional pillowcases that you can easily remove and wash (preferably by hand). The price of our products takes into account their high quality of workmanship, design in line with the latest trends, as well as the highest quality of materials used. Check out our range of patterned pillows and fall in love with the number of possibilities to change your home!


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