A child's room is a space that plays an important role in the development of a young person - it should be designed in such a way that there is room for playing, resting and learning. A child's room should also be a safe space for fast-growing toddlers, which is why soft and calming textiles, such as colourful blankets and cuddly mascots, are extremely important. In Sweet Pastels you will find original decorative pillows and soft cuddly toys that will not only diversify the décor of a boy's and girl's room, but also bring home warmth to the four walls of the interior.


The décor of a child's room - what to pay attention to?

A child's room should be divided into areas of learning, play and rest - from an early age. It is known that children develop very quickly, and their needs and preferences change with age, but this universal division into three spaces makes it easier to find yourself in the home space, and also grows with the child - it will work both when the child is a few months old and when he or she is already a teenager. In addition to functional furniture, a child's room should also have a lot of soft accessories that will not only absorb possible falls, but also introduce an element of safety, warmth and harmony. These can be decorative pillows in interesting shapes, soft mascots that can be safely used even by a few months old babies, as well as cozy blankets that will lull the baby to sleep during an afternoon nap. In children's rooms, the colour scheme is also important - at the beginning, it is worth betting on delicate, pastel shades, which will emphasize the harmonious and timeless character of the décor, and will not overwhelm the child during the period of increased development. You don't necessarily have to stick to the traditional division into girly pink and boyish blue - add elements of cream, shades of gray, as well as navy blues and yellows.


Decorative pillows with interesting shapes

In Sweet Pastels you will find decorative pillows for children's rooms, which you can successfully integrate into the arrangement of other home rooms as well. Decorative pillows in interesting shapes, such as seashells, moons or flowers, are a perfect complement to the children's rooms, because they can have two functions at the same time - they can be a pillow and a mascot. Decorative pillows with original forms are also a great addition to themed rooms, even for older children. If your daughter is interested in the stars and space, perhaps she will feel comfortable in a space-themed room? All it takes is a bit of creativity to turn an ordinary four walls into a space full of stars, planets, and even... Moon - in Sweet Pastels you will find Moon pillows in several colors. Shell pillows, on the other hand, will suit not only children's rooms, but also glamour and hamptons style interiors. We also have something for young plant lovers - Flower decorative pillows have decorative quilting and a form that will also interest the youngest.


Soft mascots for every child

Mascots are universal toys that play an extremely important role at very early stages of toddler development. Apparently, they can effectively relieve stress even in six-month-old children! Mascots increase the sense of security of babies, and when they are a permanent element of their environment, they often become children's best friends, thanks to which, with their favorite mascot in their hand, they get used to new situations, surroundings, and the lack of parents nearby faster and more boldly. Already in the early stages of life, a favorite mascot can become a toddler's best friend, and the fact that they have someone to take care of helps develop empathy and has a positive effect on interpersonal skills. In Sweet Pastels you will find beautiful cuddly toys made of soft velour fabric. We offer animal shapes, such as deer, horses and cats. They are not only safe and cozy toys for the youngest, but also a functional decoration of the children's room.


Favorite blankets for the little ones

Children's rooms cannot be complete without fluffy, soft blankets! Not only are they a universal decoration of any bedroom, but they are also distinguished by their functionality - they help to keep warm, so they will work especially well in winter. Some children become attached to their favorite blanket as much as they attach themselves to a mascot - it is a permanent element of the environment that is associated with safety, rest and home. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your toddler's comfortable sleep, even at after-dinner nap time, and complementing the décor of his room with a soft and cozy blanket. The blanket can also be used as a decorative bedspread or as an additional layer of bedding on cold December nights.


Decorative pillows just in time for winter

In our offer you will also find decorative pillows and pillowcases with Christmas prints. They will also fit perfectly into the winter arrangement of children's rooms, because it is the youngest who look forward to the Christmas period the most and love Christmas like no one else. Let your children feel the Christmas spirit in their own four walls too! In our offer you will find timeless accessories with soft forms that will emphasize the Christmas charm and keep your child warm even on cold winter evenings. In our offer you will find colorful, strong prints, such as gingerbread and Christmas socks, as well as more subdued proposals in pastel colors, depicting forest animals and plants. Why don't you let your child choose their favourite?


Children's room - arrange it with Sweet Pastels!


Sweet Pastels do not forget about the youngest! That is why we have added the Child category to our offer, where you will find everything you need to comprehensively arrange a child's room in terms of accessories. All our pillows, pillowcases and mascots are made of soft velour fabric, which not only delights with its delicacy, but also with its interesting texture - it will appeal especially to the youngest! Many of our products can be made in several color versions - on the website you can see the whole range of colors, and on special request we send samples of materials to best match the whole arrangement. Feel free to contact us!


Decorative pillows for children Sweet Pastels

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