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Pillows with a floral motif are an accessory that usually appears in arrangements in early spring, when everyone dreams only of blooming plants, warm colors of nature and sun. However, floral pillowcases are not only a seasonal decoration - there are many interior décors in which accessories with floral prints are the absolute basis of a consistent arrangement throughout the year! Pillows with a floral motif are a very broad category, as it includes both pillowcases in pastel or elegant colors, with small or expressive patterns, decorated with e.g. fringes or with classic shapes. So, since the offer is so wide... How to make a choice?


Floral pillowcases - not only for spring?


Decorative pillowcases with floral prints usually appear in arrangements in early spring or summer - when the interiors begin to revive and light up with pastels and seasonal motifs. However, floral pillows are a universal accessory - in autumn it will keep the memory of summer, and in winter it will protect home rooms from the depressive aura of gray. However, it is worth remembering that floral patterns, often multi-coloured and dynamic, should be introduced into interiors with sensitivity and moderation. Too many heterogeneous patterns and contrasting colors can introduce an element of unwanted eclecticism into the four walls - that is, chaos.


Pillowcases with a floral motif work well in the living room and bedroom, as well as on the terrace and balcony - and blend beautifully with live plants. Like all textiles, decorative pillowcases have a direct impact on the harmony and perception of the décor - after all, it is the accessories that impose additional color accents and emphasize the "soul" of the interior.


Pillows with a floral motif in boho style


The boho style, derived from artistic bohemia, is mainly associated with freedom and slight extravagance - although within the boundaries of delicate colors and openwork forms. The boho style also features a large number of potted plants, as well as floral, delicate prints and accessories with plant shapes. Boho is a kind of connection with nature, harmonious spaces with a free, natural aura - so no one will be surprised that pillowcases with floral motifs will also find their place in this style of arrangement!


In boho interiors, you will find beiges and whites, as well as delicate shades of green, bleached blues and strong mustard. Depending on which color accent you choose as the main one, such decorative pillowcases will look great in your living room or bedroom. You can combine them with decorative pillowcases with a distinctive texture of the material or with light and soft fringes, which are somewhat emblematic of the casual boho aesthetic.


Pillowcases with flowers in shabby chic style


Shabby chic is a "worn-out" vintage style that developed in the last century in Britain and was intended to be a "modern" answer to the style of the Victorian era. Shabby chic is distinguished by elegance in a truly rustic edition - it is dominated by white, often worn, retro-style furniture and accessories, which owe their charm to unevenness and signs of the passage of time. These are also typically feminine interiors, which are often associated with "grandma's" homes - you can find a lot of powder pink and... floral motifs!


Decorative pillowcases with a floral motif will not fit into the style of the interior as much as in a living room or bedroom in the shabby chic style. Delicate compositions in pastel colours, decorated with delicate floral prints are a complete must have for interiors in this style. The most common flowers are roses and peonies, although if you prefer more discreet decorations, you can also use decorative pillowcases with a cherry blossom pattern. 


Pillowcases with a leaf pattern - fall in love with the urban jungle!


The urban jungle style  has been winning the hearts of lovers of floral motifs for many years - it is thanks to this style that spotted leaves, decorative monsteras, as well as magnificent banana leaves, which appear in wallpaper motifs, as decorations on dining ceramics, or... as motifs on decorative pillows. In the botanical style, mainly colors related to the elements are used - forest green, dark shades of blue as a sign of water, as well as occasional accents of brown and ochre. Such colours also appear in decorative pillowcases, which are characterized by harmonious and elegant aesthetics.


However, pillowcases with a leaf pattern can also appear in many other interiors related to nature - in boho living rooms, ecological bedrooms, as well as botanical terraces. What's more, accessories with a leaf motif have not gone out of fashion for several seasons - so they are very versatile.


Flowers in glamour colours


Depending on the pattern and colours, pillowcases with a floral motif can also be elegant enough to successfully match glamour-style interiors. All you have to do is choose models with royal, deep colors, such as dignified navy blue, noble bottle green or even classic black. Depending on the main colour scheme of the glamour style - are they interiors in a feminine, pastel edition, or modern and full of dark shades? - You can choose decorative pillowcases that will emphasize the consistent character of the décor with the help of a background or pattern.


In glamour interiors, decorative pillowcases with dignified, expressive patterns that seem to be hand-painted will work well - they are associated with art and luxury. They will not necessarily be matched by small, symmetrical patterns that are invisible from a distance. So choose models with stately peonies or roses.


Decorative pillowcases - refresh the arrangement every season!


Decorative pillowcases are an underrated element of the arrangement - it is an accessory that can be easily replaced for little money to choose a model that fits more closely with the current trends every season. As a result, in rooms with subdued colors, you can freely change the color accents only with the help of textiles and accessories! Colourful decorative pillowcases, matching blankets and rugs, as well as small accessories (vases, frames) can introduce new shades to four walls without the need for long-term and expensive renovations.

If you're a fan of seasonal decorations, refresh your interiors for spring with pillowcases with a floral motif - for autumn, you can put them in a drawer to wait until the next March. Thanks to their small size, decorative pillows can also completely change the interior of a small apartment! All it takes is a bit of creativity and familiarity with home & design trends to make your living room and bedroom look like straight out of an interior design magazine every season.


How to choose patterns so as not to overdo it?


Decorative pillows with floral patterns are a very expressive, eye-catching accessory, as well as introducing several shades into the arrangement at once. That's why it's worth knowing how to handle them - after all, a large number of floral pillowcases can bring arrangement chaos into the room.


Pillowcases with a floral motif will look better in interiors where the walls are monochromatic, preferably kept in subdued shades - gray, white, beige, black or delicate pastels. These colours give you a lot of freedom when it comes to further arranging the space. However, most importantly - chaos is born from too many different patterns and motifs, so flower pillows will look better in interiors where wallpaper does not appear. In the living room, on the other hand, they will look good on minimalist furniture upholstery. If your sofa itself has a decorated upholstery, choose cushions with homogeneous pillowcases.


Also, remember to combine pillows with a floral motif with single-color models - they will be the perfect background for the decorated ones, expose their beauty and not "stifle" the patterns.


How to combine decorative pillowcases with other textiles?


Pillowcases with floral patterns are a strong accent of the arrangement, so it is worth combining them with single-color textiles depending on the color models you choose. Whitened blues and delicate pinks will be beautifully combined with rugs and blankets in classic white or warm beige, which together will create a cozy, homely atmosphere. Remember to choose decorative textiles without additional prints - stripes, dots or geometric patterns can completely disturb the harmony of the arrangement.


However, if you are not a fan of minimalist textiles, you can choose decorative blankets and bedspreads with geometric quilting or stitching decorations. They will not contrast with the pattern of decorative pillowcases, but will emphasize the elegant character of any space.


Flowers and colors - what shades to choose?


Pillowcases with a floral motif should be matched to interiors just like any other decorative textiles - take into account the main colors of the arrangement and consider what additional shades will emphasize its consistent character. Decorative pillowcases can easily and quickly completely change the interior design, so if you want to achieve a specific effect, think about what shades are missing in your living room or bedroom.

Feminine shades of pink will work well in glamour interiors (both against the background of classic white and modern black), and in botanical spaces, colors related to the elements and nature will look best.


However, remember not to accumulate more than three shades in one room - e.g. white, powder pink and bleached blue. Too many colours can introduce arrangement chaos into interiors just as effectively as too many patterns that vary in terms of size and dynamics.


Flora... and fauna - decorative pillowcases with animals


It's not just flowers that can be fashionable! In our offer you will find decorative pillowcases which, in addition to floral motifs, have decorations in the form of airy and delicate birds - such as parrots, pheasants, herons or native titmice. Intricate patterns combining flora and fauna motifs seem to be well-thought-out works of art that will fit into elegant arrangements, and also combine functionality with aesthetic values.


If your house or apartment lacks well-thought-out decorative elements - e.g. graphics and paintings on the walls or decorative fragments of wallpaper - decorative pillows decorated with flower and bird patterns can not only liven up the arrangement, but also break its minimalism. Therefore, they will work especially well in the spaces of people who appreciate original accessories and want their home to be unique - to have its own "soul".


Pillowcases with floral motifs - Sweet Pastels


In our online store you will find a variety of decorative pillowcases with floral motifs that will help you create floral arrangements in your bedroom and living room - a real enchanted garden! Depending on your preference, you can choose pillowcases with pastel backgrounds or in strong shades that will bring colorful accents to any four walls. We offer models with patterns of roses, peonies, milina, ginkgo, as well as fashionable leaves matching the botanical style. You will also find many designs in various color versions.


Our decorative pillowcases are soft and pleasant to the touch, sold without filling - but you can also choose them on our website and enjoy universal accessories for every season and any décor. Let yourself be inspired by Sweet Pastels!


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