Christmas is a magical time of the year that surprises every year with the warmth of home, the family atmosphere and the smells of cooking delicacies and a fresh Christmas tree. In this winter, December time, each of us dreams of making our home unique as well - and this can be reminded not only by wreaths, Christmas tree baubles or mistletoe hanging over the door. With Sweet Pastels, you can also emphasize the Christmas atmosphere with accessories. Specifically, beautiful and soft cushions and decorative pillowcases with Christmas prints and classic colors.


Traditional Christmas Colors


Traditionally, Christmas is associated with white, red and green. It is these colors that can be seen in all Christmas movies, especially American productions.

Red is a very expressive color that can easily dominate most arrangements - and it may not fit into every décor. It fits perfectly with minimalist interiors, in shades of white and gray, for which it is a strong contrast. Therefore, red should be introduced into interiors in moderation and prudence. During the Christmas season, you can do it with red Christmas tree decorations or decorative pillows, which in winter will bring home warmth and an interesting color accent to the arrangement, and can also be used in the summer months, in combination with, for example, mustard.

Green, on the other hand, especially in a bottle shade, is a color that will work all year round, not necessarily in botanical interiors. This elegant colour has been reigning in interior design trends for several seasons, and in winter it is additionally contrasted by the ubiquitous white and the chill outside the window. Decorative pillowcases in bottle green - or its small accents - will also blend beautifully with the natural color of the Christmas tree, thanks to which they will introduce natural notes into any arrangement.

White is a timeless classic that not only Scandinavian style lovers and minimalists can fall in love with. It creates a base for other colours, brightens up the room and gives it an elegant character. You don't have to limit yourself to a white tablecloth on the Christmas Eve table - white Christmas tree decorations combined with white decorative pillows will create a sophisticated and classic composition.


Christmas in shades of elegance - gold and silver


In addition to traditional shades, Christmas is also full of typical glamour colors - gold and silver, which look beautiful in the light of candles shining on the Christmas Eve table. In our offer you will find decorative pillowcases with silver and gold accessories, which will beautifully fit into Scandinavian and Scandi glam rooms, full of subdued shades and shiny accents.

If you want your home to be full of Christmas elegance, go for classic shades of cream, grey and white. You can add silver and gold accents with textiles as well as table accessories and hanging decorations.


Christmas prints for the whole winter


There is no Christmas without Christmas prints! Typical patterns include not only mistletoe leaves or snowflakes, but also reindeer and, of course, Christmas greetings. In Sweet Pastels you will find decorative pillows and pillowcases decorated with small patterns, as well as expressive prints - some of them will work not only during the Christmas season, but throughout the winter!

If you're a fan of botanical touches, you'll love the Mistletoe model, decorated with signature pine cones and sprigs of the festive symbol of love. On the other hand, Christmas Twigs models in two shades have a slightly more discreet pattern - they will work well not only in the winter period!

The Snowflake and Snow pillows are a classic among decorative pillows at Christmas. Classic shades of navy blue and light blue balancing on the verge of gray beautifully match the silver of snowflakes - openwork and delicate.


Get your home ready for Christmas - with extras!


Decorative pillowcases and pillows help to emphasize the unique character of the arrangement - without drastic renovations and changes in the arrangement. With their help, you can introduce a splash of colour or a bold print into your four walls, often seasonal or suitable for a special occasion. The most important thing is that with the help of decorative pillowcases and pillows, you don't have to spend a fortune to decorate your home exactly the way you want. Choose the leitmotif of your Christmas and build a harmonious arrangement full of elegant or strong shades - with decorative pillowcases, centerpieces and Christmas tree decorations.


To make your home radiate warmth and homely harmony at Christmas, our pillowcases and pillows are made of high-quality velour - a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric that will emphasize the cozy character of the interior. If you order decorative pillows, we can send you color samples of the material - so that the final product looks as good as possible in the festive environment!


Pillows and table decorations in a Christmas atmosphere Sweet Pastels

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